Our MemSQL Specialist course is the best preparation for learning the key concepts, terminology, and procedures for maximizing the value of your real-time data warehouse in the cloud. || Delivered by Seth Luersen

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MemSQL Specialist Training

This on-demand, self-paced course is the best preparation for learning the key concepts, terminology, and procedures for running your hybrid cloud data warehouse with MemSQL.

Go to the next level with training!

Our training includes demonstrations, hands-on labs, and a certification exam.

Hands-On Learning

Through online demonstrations and interactive labs, students will master MemSQL key concepts, terminology and topics such as:

  • Hybrid cloud data warehouse architectures
  • Rowstore and Columnstore
  • Shard Keys and Indexes
  • Distributed Joins
  • Reference Tables
  • Transaction Models

Audience and Prerequisites

Designed to serve the learning goals of front-line business analysts and managers, MemSQL Specialist Training requires relational database system and data warehouse experience.


MemSQL Specialist Certification provides employers, partners, and customers with tangible evidence of your skills and expertise. Certification validates your expertise and helps establish your leadership credentials. Participants of this training achieve certification with course completion and by passing a certification exam.

MemSQL issues digital certificates that can be verified. Students can add their digital certificate to their LinkedIn profiles.

Course Contents

6 Videos
1 Quiz
1 Text
1.0 hr
Seth Luersen
Seth Luersen
Senior Manager, Training Programs

About the instructor

As manager of training and certification for MemSQL, Seth has overall responsibility for developing product curriculum, delivering training, and administering professional certification. Seth is an experienced database designer, data analyst, application architect, courseware developer, and technical instructor.