The best preparation for
managing and operating
MemSQL production clusters

Education for Administrators

Our administrator training provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the steps necessary to install, design, operate, maintain, and monitor a high availability cluster with MemSQL and MemSQL Ops, our built-in management tool. Our administrator training includes instructor demonstrations, hands-on labs, and ready-to-use AWS environments.
Education for Administrators

Hands-on Learning

Through presentations, demonstrations, interactions, and hands-on labs, students will master MemSQL key concepts, terminology, and topics such as:
  • Fundamental concepts for the distributed architecture of MemSQL
  • Installing aggregators and leaves including advanced installation scenarios
  • Operating MemSQL with MemSQL Ops
  • Securing MemSQL and MemSQL Ops
  • Managing offline and online upgrades for MemSQL Ops and MemSQL
  • Backup strategy for disaster recovery
  • Operating MemSQL for high availability and durability
Hands-on Learning

Audience and Prerequisites

Designed to serve the learning goals of database administrators and operation engineers, MemSQL 6 Administrator Training requires previous experience with Linux, relational database systems, and SQL.
Audience and Prerequisites

Professional Certification

MemSQL certification provides employers, partners, and customers with tangible evidence of your skills and expertise. Certification validates your expertise and helps establish your leadership credentials. Participants of this training achieve certification with course completion and by passing a certification exam.

MemSQL issues digital certificates that are verifiable. MemSQL Certified Administrators easily add their digital certificate to their LinkedIn profiles.
Professional Certification


Course modules

  • 1
    Module: Course Details and Downloads
    • Software Requirements
    • Verify SSH access to AWS EC2
    • Student AWS EC2 Instances
    • Student Downloads
  • 2
    Module: MemSQL Fundamentals for Administrators
    • Architecture Concepts
    • Rowstore and Columnstore -- Rowstore
    • Rowstore and Columnstore -- Columnstore
    • Data Distribution
    • Distributed Joins
    • Reference Tables
    • Designing a Cluster
    • Expanding a Cluster
  • 3
    Module: Installing MemSQL
    • Manual Installation
    • Installing MemSQL Ops
    • Advanced Installation Scenarios
    • LAB: Installing MemSQL Manually
    • LAB: Installing MemSQL Manually without MemSQL Ops (no SSH)
    • LAB: MemSQL Installation with MemSQL Ops
    • LAB: MemSQL Installation with MemSQL Ops with the CLI no SSH