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Self-Paced Training

In this self-paced training, you'll learn about the new features in MemSQL 6.5 through videos, demonstrations, an optional student labs.

If you're a former student of a MemSQL Administrator or Developer, you're automatically enrolled, free of charge.
Just For You

Learn What's New

Full coverage of MemSQL 6.5 new features

The 6.5 release of MemSQL has five main themes: Cluster Manageability, Extensibility Enhancements, Full-Text Index and Search, Pipeline Enhancements, and Query Language Additions.
Learn What's New

How New Features Self-Paced Learning Powers Your Successs

Our new features course is for both administrator and developers who require just-in-time training for on-the-job performance.

  • You can complete the course in under 2 hours. If completing the optional student labs, you'll need about 4 hours. We recommend giving yourself a whole week to fit the course into your schedule.

  • At your own pace, you watch the videos, review the demonstrations, and complete the optional labs.

  • An online discussion forum allows you to ask questions about video lessons and demonstrations as well as the optional student labs.

Video Demonstrations

Learn the expected behavior of new features and functionality. Here's an example

Course Pricing

without optional student labs

  • $149

    For folks who want MemSQL 6.5 New Features Self-Paced Training.

  • Free
    former students

    As a former student, you're automatically enrolled. Just sign in and click the course link on your Student Dashboard.

AWS EC2 Hosts for Optional Labs

Weekly student enrollment limits apply

  • $99
    EC2 Hosts

    To complete the optional student labs, we offer 4 AWS EC2 Hosts for a week

  • $199
    Bundle: Course + EC2 Hosts

    Save $49. For folks who want MemSQL 6.5 New Features Self-Paced Training, this bundle includes 4 AWS EC2 hosts for a week.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Module: Introduction
    • Course Overview
    • Before we begin...
    • Optional Student Labs
    • 6.5 LAB Create the db_mycompany database
  • 2
    Module: Cluster Manageability
    • Learning Objectives
    • Video: Backup History
    • Video: AWS S3 Backup and Restore
    • 6.5 LAB Backup to and Restore from S3
    • Video: Events
    • Video: Synchronizing Permissions
    • Demo: Synchronizing Permissions
    • Video: Resource Governance
    • Demo: Resource Governance
    • Additional Reading
  • 3
    Module: Extensibility Enhancements
    • Learning Objectives
    • VIDEO: Extensibility Enhancements for Stored Procedures
    • Additional Reading
  • 4
    Module: Full-Text Index and Search
    • Learning Objectives
    • Video: Full-Text Index and Search
    • Demo: Full-Text Index and Search
    • 6.5 LAB Full-Text Index and Search
    • Additional Reading
  • 5
    Module: Pipelines Enhancements
    • Learning Objectives
    • Video: Pipeline Performance
    • Demo: Pipeline Performance
    • Video: Continuous Loading with S3 Pipelines
    • 6.5 LAB Continuous Loading with S3 Pipelines
    • Video: HDFS Extractor
    • Demo: HDFS Extractor
    • Video: Pipeline into Stored Procedure
    • 6.5 LAB Pipeline into a Stored Procedure
    • Additional Reading
  • 6
    Module: Query Language Additions
    • Learning Objectives
    • Video: Query Language Expanded Shapes
    • Additional Reading