Certification Exam Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions are on the exam?

The exam is 24 multiple choice questions.

How much time does it take to complete the exam?

It takes most students about about 30 to 45 minutes to complete the exam. The exam is not timed. If you more time to complete the exam, that's OK.

What is the passing score?

You need 75% to pass the exam. The exam is 50 points. You need at least 35 points to pass the exam.

Do I need access to my MemSQL Cluster to complete the exam?

No. For some students who completed their labs in the student workbook, having access to their MemSQL Cluster may prove beneficial.

I no longer have access to my MemSQL Cluster. What should I do?

If you think having a MemSQL Cluster will help you, but you no longer have access to your student environment, consider installing MemSQL in a Linux environment. You can also use Docker, Vagrant, or VirtualBox to run a MemSQL Cluster.

My training license expired. What can I do?

Download the Enterprise edition of MemSQL. The trail license is good for 30 days.

I can't take the exam this week. Can I take it at a later date?

Yes. You can take the exam at a later date. Your exam link will expire in 30 days.

Can I retake the exam?

If you do not pass the exam, you can retake the exam. You must wait 2 days before taking the exam. The retake exam may have a different set of questions.

How will I know if I passed the exam?

You will receive an email that shows your score.

I passed the exam. Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. We will email a PDF file of your certificate. The certificate does not show your score.